Gallup: Americans' Mental Health Ratings Sink to New Low

Seventy-six percent of U.S. adults rate their mental health positively, representing a nine-point decline from 2019 according to Gallup's annual November Health and Healthcare survey. This is the lowest rate recorded since the survey began in 2001. 

"Previous research from Gallup's ongoing COVID-19 tracking survey in April found that although majorities of Americans said they could continue following social distancing guidelines as long as necessary before their physical health and financial situation suffered, less than half said the same of their mental health," said the report. "Additionally, in April, U.S. adults' life evaluations fell to a low point last seen during the Great Recession."

More than eight months into the coronavirus pandemic, the spike in behavioral health services is becoming clear. While vaccines may ultimately end the pandemic, the need for behavioral health care will continue long after.

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