United We Heal

A new report exposes how New Jersey’s top behavioral health providers have prospered while leaving the state’s patients and their own employees behind.

Unorganized workers joined AFSCME members, leaders and legislative allies during a recent virtual town hall to celebrate a 

A new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted people’s mental health and raised new barriers for those suffering from mental illne

Across New Jersey, behavioral health workers are coming together to have a voice on the job for themselves, their clients and the very future of the state. We need to send a clear message that in support of addressing the inequities that are at the root of the industry’s staffing crisis, giving these workers a protected voice and increasing funding transparency so we can build a behavioral health system to be proud of.

The House of Representatives has introduced H.R. 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which will give the federal government the power to negotiate directly with prescription drug corporations for lower prices for all of us. Click here to call Congress and urge them to pass this legislation now.