Care in Times of Crisis Webinar

In behavioral health, you are at the front lines of crisis situations— but when was the last time workers gave themselves space for care and strategies to help?

That is why AFSCME, the union for more than 50,000 professionals in the behavioral health industry across the country, hosted a free online workshop through the United We Heal campaign to help you overcome stress, set boundaries and build collective well-being.

This three-part series, “Care in Times of Crisis,” provided strategies and tools to care for yourself, strategies for empathy and de-escalation at work, and how to build leadership during times of crisis.

Hundreds of behavioral health workers participated, developing skills and connections to handle unprecedented changes to our work and lives during COVID-19. Momentum is clearly on the side of behavioral health professionals having a greater voice in their work to speak up for client care, professional development, workplace safety and so much more.

Together, we are a movement. Our movement shows people experiencing behavioral health issues that they are not alone and there is hope. Our movement shows that when behavioral health workers can advocate for improvements to their jobs and working conditions, those they serve benefit. And our movement shows that, in an industry experiencing rapid change, behavioral health providers must stand up and speak out to effect the change we need.